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A Tale (of the tape) Of Two Cities

Homeless people
In Odessa: I was walking to work downtown and a homeless man (being all scruffy and such) asked me for a sleeping bag, I said 'sorry, I don't one.' He screams at me 'What? YOUR FATHER NEVER TOOK YOU CAMPING?'

In San Antonio: I am walking to work downtown and I see some guy drinking a 40 on the steps of the Church of Scientology (keep in mind, it's 7:40 in the a.m. and he has a 40) and he asks me to come here, I didn't know what to say, so I say 'no thanks.' then he motions with his finger for me to come over. I say, 'I gotta go to work' and walk off. I can hear him get up and follow me as I speed walk to the Express News.

Odessa: You park anywhere, if you get a ticket for illegally parking, you throw it away, seriously. I have probably 75-100 parking tickets from when I worked at the Odessa American, I would just put them on other peoples cars, or tear them up and litter the street with their remains.

San Antonio: They tow you.

Odessa: you can rummage for a cd as you coast down the streets that are empty and wide as hell.

San Antonio: Find your music BEFORE you leave the parking lot. There are cars to each side of you and the lanes are too skinny, even for my Echo.

Things to do:
Odessa: You so crazy.

San Antonio: There's so many things that we haven't gone to see yet. We will see Blue October at the SBC Center (where the Spurs play. Haven't been to any clubs, but I have seen a thousand of them, would really like to go Sea World and ride the rides, haven't been since I was a kid. For Halloween, we want to go to Ripley's Haunted House ... Jada?? Adam?? Interested?

Odessa: Let's see, you got Dillards, Wal Mart, ummm ... Target ...

San Antonio: Every store imaginable, Alis and I went to a swank mall near our home last week and shopped at stores where you seriously can't buy anything for under $200.00. When we were hanging out with Adam, we found this one mall that might as well have been called 'Music City Mall' as it was just like the Odessa mall. Needless to say, we sped off.

Odessa: Taco Villa, Rosas, Twister Taco, Watts Burger ... need I say more?

San Antonio: Chipotles, Freebirds, California Pizza Kitchen, Opah's Greek.
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the only thing i couldn't tell was "better" about san antonio was the food...
I don't know about you, but I crave Rosa'a all the time and other places like Fajitas and more, taco taco, etc.... I don't like burritos form chipotles and freebirds when I'm cravin' mexican burritos... they just aren't the same.
I'm so excited that you said taco taco!

That was really all I had to say but since I am here I like freebirds a LOT better than chipotles but we don't get a Freebirds here until later this year. And I miss Taco Villa... a lot.

I hope rowing is good. I work... sort of... not really, can't wait to see you!
No doubt, I LOVE Freebirds ... it's awesome, but nothing really can compare to Taco Villa and Rosas. Odessa wins that. If there was Taco Villa here, Taco Cabana would close down in a week. Have you ever eaten at Twister Taco on Andrews Hwy in Odessa?
i can't say that i've tried one, but now I'm sure to... next itme i'm there.
all this talk is makin' me want some burrritolicious food.
Chipotle is owned by McDonald's anyway. BOOOO! Mexican food in Odessa is better, but there's no argument, is there, that Asian food here is better? Buffet-style eggrolls versus spring rolls at Kim Phung? But I'm just an Asian food whore.

Blue October's playing in SA? I thought they were coming to Austin. BTW, Nadege invited Cassie and some guy Will to the Phillip Glass concert that night before I had a chance to tell her I invited you guys...you weren't going to go anyway, but I thought I'd tell you. Sorry. The Go! Team is playing Sunday, if you're interested. Queens of the Stone Age is playing this month soon, too. I'm too poor for that, but you should go.

Lastly, I will not be doing anything with anyone over Halloween unless they are dressed like Madonna or someone associated with Madonna.