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Bob Bark Arrrrrr....

People put the strangest things in their obits, you have no idea how many old ladies have 'Go Spurs!!' in their obituaries ...

Today has been a good day, almost time to go home, where I eagerly await a late night with Alis and the ferocious, blood thirsty beast that we call 'Athens Cat'.
One of the great things since we've made the move is that (don't laugh) Alis and I have learned to cook. That's right, believe it or not, we cook nightly, and we raise the culinary roof, as Slick Rick would say, (No he wouldn't dude, Slick Rick doesn't know what 'culinary' means) ... (Oh yeah, thanks.)
Now, I was cooking some, but since work is so draining, Alis (being the awesome chick that she is) is making delicious meals nightly, she made homemade pizza last night (no, not even frozen pizza!! She makes the crust from scratch) and also made me a funnel cake because she knows that's the only sweet thing I like. Yes Jada, I can hear you vomiting in your mouth as I write this ... sorry if this is mushy.

So things could not be better here in San Antonio. Hopefully Jada and Adam can come to the Iron and Wine concert on October 30. Jennifer, you need to come, you still need to see our casa as well. And Amanda is coming over for Blue October next week.

Work is good, someone here calls me 'Mojo' as we all know that there is only one thing in Odessa, Texas. I am not fond of the nickname, but I smile usually and wait for my day to come. Most people here don't know where Odessa is or have ever heard of it ... The lady at the front office told me 'well, you're use to seeing snow, being so close to Amarillo.'
However, Odessa is not close to Amarillo. Not close at all. It's just a spec on the map, but it's a huge part of who I am.

ROOTS baby.
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