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2005 (A Year in the Rear-View Mirror)

OK, so I have had 3 days to ponder the significance of the past year and develop a 'best of' list. 2005 was a year of transition for me, leaving family, friends and my job in Odessa and starting a new year in San Antonio. It's been an amazing year.

Best new artist: Wolf Parade

Best Song: Coin-Operated Boy- Dresden Dolls
Last year: Apple Bed/Sparklehorse

Best Concert: Modest Mouse in Odessa
Last Year: Austin City Limits Concert -- I was miserable the whole festival due to the heat, but it was worth it. Amanda and I got to hear some of the bands I have been listening to in my car for years.

Best time: Leaving work at Cingular, watching Monk and Pablo Francisco with Blaise, Charles and Ali; going to Ihop with Ali and talking for 5 hours; then going to Monahans to see the sunrise. Not knowing what would come next has never been so good.
Last Year: ACL

Best Movie rented: Closer
Last Year: The Libertine

Best show: My Name is Earl
Last Year: Six Feet Under

Best movie at the theatres:Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I only say this because I can't remember going to see any spectacular movies at the theater ... and I didn't even really like this movie, but it was the most fun. I went to see it with Alis, Adam and Jada, and I got drunk and loud. Can't beat that!
Last Year: Sean of the Dead

Comeback person of the year: Madonna -- I would rather cut myself than listen to her last album, but I like her new stuff.

Saddest moment: Stopping on the side of the highway as Alis and I moved from Odessa and crying. It was hard to leave Odessa, so many memories.
Last year: ODB died

And Now the moment we've all been waiting for ... well just me:
Person of the year: Alissa- I know, I know ... Some people thought master Shake would win 2 years in a row, but no doubt nothing has been more significant than Alissa in 2005 or any other year.
LAST YEAR: Master Shake
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