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You can really get it on ...

I am driving home around 7:30 last night and this homeless guy is standing near a stop light. Of course the light turns red ... so I do what I always do, lock my doors and pretend I am on the phone. He keeps motioning toward me, despite there being many lights. He comes near my window and I give him the gesture of not having any money, then he signals 'no' with his horizontally waving arms and tells me that he likes my beard and gives me the thumbs up and walks away.

I now update my journal to background music, so to fully understand my journal entry, you must be listening to the song. Today, the song is All Nite Diner by Modest Mouse.

>>I was at an all night diner
The sign said, "Triple X"
But they were talking about root beer
I'm just sitting down
Thinking about nothing
Looking at the thin air
Breathing up the oxygen
A guy comes up, looking pretty 8-ball
Snaggletooth smile, sits down at my table
Puts his arm around me, starts to share his information
He said, he said, he said [x4] this is what he said
"I have sex, I'm always thinking about the pavement
So I can avoid premature ejaculation"
I got up, remembering to thank him
Better things to do so I'll start drinking<<

ALSO: Turns out our neighbor knows all about Odessa .. .her boyfriend's family owns Scotts Theater downtown and her best friend lives in Odessa. WOOT.
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