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To Trixie With Love [29 Jan 2016|07:32pm]
"Your friend is your needs answered."

-- Kahlil Gibran

In this life, not all friends are created equal. Friends come and go, based on the time of life, your environment, based on silly phases, fun phases and not-so-fun phases. They all do serve their purpose.

But, then, there are those special friends. Friends that can last a lifetime.

This is a story about the latter. It's a true love story. If you met my daughter, you would not doubt her love for Trixie.

Trixie is my daughter's doll. She was Adelaide's first birthday gift. As Adelaide grew up, Trixie had many of the same experiences as my daughter. When Adelaide tried peanut butter for the first time, so did Trixie. When Adelaide got in the bath, she did her darnedest to bring Trixie in with her.

Trixie had birthday parties, Christmas mornings, got new clothes, and Adelaide was once absolutely petrified to find Trixie in the washing machine. She knew that wasn't safe. What kind of monster's are her parents? To put her best friend in the WASHING MACHINE!!!

Each year, Trixie lost a bit of stuffing here, stitches added there, and after a few years, Trixie's rips could no longer be patched. Her seams could no longer be mended.

We received many well-intentioned ideas of how to wean Adelaide away from her friend.

But it all seemed so cruel. Trixie was part of our family.

Now, she is a tattered mess. She is still used just as much as when Adelaide first got her. As a true member of our family, I wanted to write this letter to Trixie, to show my appreciation for a wonderful friend:

Dear Trixie,

You have been the favorite companion of my daughter for over 5 years now. Adelaide has not slept without you in that time. Not once. You have been on many adventures, and the truth is, you’ve seen better days – in fact, let’s just be honest: You have very little time left. Trixie7

There was the one time, 3 years ago, we tried to replace you with another cleaner, more sterile Trixie. You see, you were ALWAYS getting lost, and we were NOT allowed to clean you - so, in all honesty, you grossed us out and gave us headaches. But what you have done for our daughter is something spectacular. But Adelaide was suspicious from the get-go. It wasn't long before Adelaide spotted your leg popping out of a box in the top of a closet.

My wife and I still have nightmares about the vacation when we left you in a restaurant and Santa Fe. We were 2 hours removed before we noticed. It was a really tough decision, but before Adelaide even knew you were gone, we spelled our way to a conclusion - We have to go back for T-R-I-X-I-E!

On a very memorable night, our third child was born. Adelaide immediately

trixie4 decided that Uma needed her own Trixie, so she sweetly gave the replacement Trixie to Uma, to comfort her, as you had always comforted Adelaide.

So, thank you you have helped my daughter work through fears, anxiety and other complex emotions. You were that stable force that she needed when we moved to a new home. When we paid $40 for you at blablakids.com - we had no idea what we were really getting. So, I ask of you now Trixie, as your end looms near, in the immortal words of Dylan Thomas:

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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I LOVE ALISSA [11 Mar 2006|01:28pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

In my continued dialog with homeless people .... As I am going to work today, a homeless man walks by and begins to sing Raspberry Beret. (Due to the now odd color of my hair.)

I love Alissa so much, in 7 months, we'll be married. 'Your sauce will mix with Mine and we'll make a good goulash baby.'

Concert tonight, Matt Pond PA.

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You can really get it on ... [11 Jan 2006|07:41pm]
[ mood | I am doin' the best that I can ]

I am driving home around 7:30 last night and this homeless guy is standing near a stop light. Of course the light turns red ... so I do what I always do, lock my doors and pretend I am on the phone. He keeps motioning toward me, despite there being many lights. He comes near my window and I give him the gesture of not having any money, then he signals 'no' with his horizontally waving arms and tells me that he likes my beard and gives me the thumbs up and walks away.

I now update my journal to background music, so to fully understand my journal entry, you must be listening to the song. Today, the song is All Nite Diner by Modest Mouse.

>>I was at an all night diner
The sign said, "Triple X"
But they were talking about root beer
I'm just sitting down
Thinking about nothing
Looking at the thin air
Breathing up the oxygen
A guy comes up, looking pretty 8-ball
Snaggletooth smile, sits down at my table
Puts his arm around me, starts to share his information
He said, he said, he said [x4] this is what he said
"I have sex, I'm always thinking about the pavement
So I can avoid premature ejaculation"
I got up, remembering to thank him
Better things to do so I'll start drinking<<

ALSO: Turns out our neighbor knows all about Odessa .. .her boyfriend's family owns Scotts Theater downtown and her best friend lives in Odessa. WOOT.

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2005 (A Year in the Rear-View Mirror) [03 Jan 2006|07:50pm]
OK, so I have had 3 days to ponder the significance of the past year and develop a 'best of' list. 2005 was a year of transition for me, leaving family, friends and my job in Odessa and starting a new year in San Antonio. It's been an amazing year.

Best new artist: Wolf Parade

Best Song: Coin-Operated Boy- Dresden Dolls
Last year: Apple Bed/Sparklehorse

Best Concert: Modest Mouse in Odessa
Last Year: Austin City Limits Concert -- I was miserable the whole festival due to the heat, but it was worth it. Amanda and I got to hear some of the bands I have been listening to in my car for years.

Best time: Leaving work at Cingular, watching Monk and Pablo Francisco with Blaise, Charles and Ali; going to Ihop with Ali and talking for 5 hours; then going to Monahans to see the sunrise. Not knowing what would come next has never been so good.
Last Year: ACL

Best Movie rented: Closer
Last Year: The Libertine

Best show: My Name is Earl
Last Year: Six Feet Under

Best movie at the theatres:Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I only say this because I can't remember going to see any spectacular movies at the theater ... and I didn't even really like this movie, but it was the most fun. I went to see it with Alis, Adam and Jada, and I got drunk and loud. Can't beat that!
Last Year: Sean of the Dead

Comeback person of the year: Madonna -- I would rather cut myself than listen to her last album, but I like her new stuff.

Saddest moment: Stopping on the side of the highway as Alis and I moved from Odessa and crying. It was hard to leave Odessa, so many memories.
Last year: ODB died

And Now the moment we've all been waiting for ... well just me:
Person of the year: Alissa- I know, I know ... Some people thought master Shake would win 2 years in a row, but no doubt nothing has been more significant than Alissa in 2005 or any other year.
LAST YEAR: Master Shake

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Left of the Center [28 Dec 2005|08:02pm]
[ mood | Ready to go home ]

Time goes by so slowly,
Time goes by so slowly. ...

Christmas was awesome. Got to drive down to Odessa for a couple days and frantically visit family and drive back on Christmas eve. Got to go to the emergency room in the early hours of Christmas eve ... that has a sobering effect as everyone else is all happy on the holidays, go in there next Christmas eve and see the other side. Got to go to the Riverwalk on Christmas night and look at the lights -- take pictures of people and have them take pictures of us. I got Sirius satellite radio and got Alis an Ipod nano. and we each got to wake up early on Christmas day to open our gifts.
There was no snow, it was over 70 degrees here.
But it was an awesome holiday, San Antonio feels completely like home now, being with Alis was the best part of Christmas.

Random thoughts:
Why do celebrities get married? Outside of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, has it ever really worked?
If I could go back and relive times in my life, I would go back to relive halloween carnivals in Elementary school ... I remember those being so much fun.
Should we celebrate the demise of Live Journal? Which has obviously fallen to the mighty fad of MySpace.
I hate when movies get Oscar buzz because there's a 'retard' or 'cripple' in it, or because the movie is centered around homosexual characters. Doesn't anything really compelling ever happen to anyone else that can be captured in an award-winning movie? Because we already have plenty of the above.

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Is recanting witness a victim or a villain? [18 Dec 2005|02:33pm]
So, we've had Jada (Jubilant Jada) in tow with us all weekend and it was .... FREAKIN' AWESOME.
We went and did bad Karaoke (Add It Up/Violent Femmes, Into The Groove/ Madonna, Billie Jean/ Michael Jackson) Alissa cooked awesome meals (Pizza from scratch, steak and fried rice, Fettuccine with Alfredo Sauce), we played some board game (try quickly thinking of diseases that start with the letter H or cartoon characters that start with the letter V), got in the hot tub in the freezing cold, drank energy drinks, drank rum and egg nog, watched Jada do a ton of laundry, watched Madonna videos, watched Jada talk to her boy, watched Jada text her boy, watched Jada lay about.
So, it was pretty eventful. A great time was had by all. Alissa tried on some wedding dresses and went two days without hardly any sleep at all. Gosh, I love that girl.

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Get Behind Me, Satan [12 Dec 2005|10:23pm]
[ mood | Bubblegum ]

One of the places we looked at for a wedding site was once owned by the best friend of Scarlet in Gone With The Wind. But before that, it was a brothel ... and even before that it was owned by monks that made very interesting and different-looking shrines. Not only that but wait, there's more. There's also Kayaking and tubing as well as a spa on the premises. So, it's a ways out of Boerne, so everybody would stay there and make a weekend of it.
We thought it was really beautiful, once you got out of the more traditional ranch area. The rooms that people stay in are really interesting stone building that housed the brothel ...
So, I haven't been updating, it was cool going to Odessa for Thanksgiving, but I will never do the morning shopping again on the day after Thanksgiving. It's like a couple bucks off and everybody is running around and acting crazy, Amanda laughed when some little kid kept ramming my heels with a shopping cart, but then I just stopped and stared him down until he went around. That's right, 12-year olds take note, I am not afraid to kick you ... as long as your fathers or older brothers are not there.
The best part of the trip was the going there as Alissa and I hit the road and slammed several energy drinks and jammed out the whole way. So, I'm already looking forward to our next roadtrip where we'll probably make some whacky road mix - complete with the likes of Milli-Vanilli or New Edition or Meatloaf ...
As for everything else, life is good. I bought a Napoleon Dynamite air freshener for my car, not thinking to check the aroma ... just assuming it would be a very 'Napoleon -esque scent. Well, it turned out to be bubble gum. Now even though I have taken out the air freshener and buried it under 4 feet and hard dirt, my car STILL smells like a candy shop, so much so that Alis won't drive in my car.

If you think that a kiss is all in the lips
C'mon, you got it all wrong, man
And if you think that our dance was all in the hips
Oh well, then do the twist
If you think holding hands is all in the fingers
Grab hold of the soul where the memory lingers and
Make sure to never do it with the fingers
Cause I'll tell everyone in the world
-The White Stripes.

...ummm later.

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Jada is in love [07 Dec 2005|07:47pm]
I miss those little candy cigarretts that you eat as you pretend to be so cool as to smoke.

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Epitaph [21 Nov 2005|07:24pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So, I always wondered if I would know at first sight if I would spend the rest of my life with someone, or if it happened in time, if you like woke up one morning and just knew.
But, now I do know, at least for me. From the moment I first met Alissa, she stood out, I knew she was special, but I didn't really know how. I could tell she was different, smart, and shy-if not a little anti-social. As I got to know her more, I got to realize how special she is. How sweet and understanding, how she would do anything for the people she loved. How she was full of all those things that make life beautiful - hope, love, desire. I wanted to spend not only my free time with her, but my life. I knew I would spend my life with her during those many nights sitting, talking, learning about eachother on Dublin.
She accepts me in every way, she's loves me in a way I never thought imaginable. She's my best friend and the person I will spend the rest of my life with. It's so easy being around her and living with her. Moving here to San Antonio has been awesome, the best, most secure time in my life, every day has been perfect. Not a day has ended when I am not thankful that we've done all that we've done and ready for the future, whatever it entails.
I know that spending the rest of your life with someone is not easy, I know there will be hard times -- but Alis is who I want to go through any hard times in life with. I know it takes dedication -- but I am completely dedicated to her. It's not always going to be this easy, but it will always be Eric and Alissa.
Those who know me know I have really struggled at times. I kinda felt like I was cursed in love sometimes, I'm sure I've whined about my love troubles to most of you at some point or another, but now I feel secure and strong in love. I will love Alissa the rest of my life. I will do anything for her. I wake up next to her every morning with the best feeling.
Sorry if it sounds like cheesy bullshit ... I use to think love was cheesy bullshit. But not anymore, I think it's pure and sweet.
So, we've decided to marry, as some of you know. Things are still very much in the planning stages, but we've been excited to tell those close to us because this means the world to us ... that we've found eachother.

Being happy always makes me think I am about to be hit by a bus crossing the street. But I've been happy for a while now, starting to feel use to it.

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I miss Alissa [08 Nov 2005|09:32pm]
Last night, I dreamed that Justin from the band 'Blue October' got injured and I came from the audience and joined the band as a frizzy, energetic guitar player. Our first show was a bust though as the audience stormed us and broke my guitar, someone was also trampled and killed at the show. Spirits within the band were at an all-time low, just then the tour bus stopped, I leaped out with my NEW guitar and started playing, in no time a whole audience had formed just off the highway and we played for them.
The band decided they weren't going to play anymore, so Ali and myself went onto the stage to sing 'My Drug Buddy' (Originally by Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield, but covered here by Buddhist Boy and the Mice ... errr ... Alissa and Me). Just as we started to sing, I woke up.It's too bad really, my dream of being a rock-star was not completely fulfilled.
But, I gotta say, I was a pretty good rock star in this dream. Come on, stopping the tour bus and initiating an off-road concert. Stuff of legends.
In my dream, I knew I couldn't play guitar that well .. .so I was faking it ...In my dream, I was faking the ability to do something. It's my dream -- why can't I just be an awesome guitar player?
Anyway, 2 minutes later, Adam called with his ever-cheerful 'Good morning' ... If you guys didn't know that Adam found his stolen car a few blocks from his church, it's because he didn't post it on livejournal and that he sucks.

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The Living Journal [07 Nov 2005|08:29pm]
Also, I dyed my hair .... red. Now you may say, Eric your hair is already red ... but no ... this is a very bright red. Very bright. I like it, except everyone at work has to act really shocked and comment about it at work. But I was expecting that. Maybe I will put a picture on my space or something. It's kinda shocking though, because I will forget about it and walk by a mirror and be taken aback momentarily.
It was really funny when I washed off the dye, everything in the bath tub was blood red, including me, kind of scared our sweet kitty.

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Custom Concerns [07 Nov 2005|07:44pm]
[ mood | working ]

Alright, so I have given ample time to recover from Modest Mouse. If God rested on the seventh day, he most certainly rocked out to Modest Mouse on the fourth day, cus that concert was awesome. So, Alis and I get to the venue after some known trials and tribulations (driving in Austin). Now, we're going to see Modest Mouse and The Walkmen, but the tour is actually called the 'Sin City' tour. So, we go in and there's women dancing near polls (not completely naked) and an area called the 'Chapel of Lust' ... I really wasn't sure if we were in the right place. We immediately skip all of this and park at the front of the stage. This 'vegas-looking' dude comes out and queues this dancer to like go crazy dancing, treating the poll like it was a very close friend (the kind you have to contact if it turns out that you have an STD.) Then this band comes out that is dressed in really shiny clothes and sings Neil Diamond songs. It was right out of Saving Silverman. Not a big fan of Neil Diamond, but it was funny. Next a stand-up comedian comes out. .. .we expect him to be raunchy, but he was actually really good and funny, evidently he has a show coming out on Comedy Central. I don't know his name, but I do know he's Asian.
So then the rocking begins, The Walkmen come out and blister the audience with their set. They are really strong live, really a good band. Then after watching a woman strip while balancing 8 hula-hoops ... that's right ... this woman balanced 8 hula-hoops on her arms, waste and neck and stripped. Now THAT'S TALENT.
Then it was time.. ..
Yes people, Modest Mouse. We were at the very front of the stage and actually got to see the whole show. And they were good. They were late in arriving as they admitted to seeing Broken Social Scene before the concert (Props Jada). But they rocked out. The only bad part was this girl beside Alis and Myself that talked every second that there was not music playing. She would say stuff like 'He really looks like he's thinking about something.' and 'that drummer is skinny. Hey drummer, it's called Thanksgiving.' I wished pain upon this woman and those associated to her.
Modest Mouse rocked it out with a full set, then did an awesome encore. They left the stage and almost the entire audience left the building, then Modest Mouse came back, screaming 'I was only fucking around.' and they jammed until 2 ... going through 2 drummers, as their drummer tried to walk on his drums with awful results. Isaac from Modest Mouse checked it out, threw a water bottle at him and continued to jam and scream at the audience. Another person from the band came out, took over the drums and they kept rocking.
So sorry Jada, I'm sure you're concert was awesome, but we saw Modest Mouse, The Walkmen, stripping with hula-hoops and a funny (not resorting to dirty jokes) Asian comedian. So, our concert brought the thunder and destroyed yours.

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The Great Cat Scare of 2005. [01 Nov 2005|09:14pm]

Alright, we we are going to see MODEST F'ING MOUSE in Austin on Thursday. We were going to see Death Cab For Cutie this weekend, but they're sold out, so I was just looking for another concert ... and WUPZAA, the coolest band ever just so happens to be playing in our area on Alis and Eric's day off. Adam said he would go, I've been trying to call Jada to see if she would be interested, alas no answer from the Faux Material Girl.


So, we go and see Iron and Wine last weekend, and it was cool, but we get home and out sweet li'l kitty is not there greeting us with a mess or attacking our legs at entrance. We first think he's sleeping, you know, so he can keep us up all night ... but no, he's nowhere in the house. I am forced to (at this point) say outloud what Alis and I both knew: 'Our kitty is not here' ... Alis gets upset and we frantically go outside and search for the precious. But, we do live in a community and it was after midnight so we quietly yelp for Athens. Poor Alissa was in tears at this point, at the thought of never waking up to the cat prring and rubbing in our faces every morning, we go back to the house and I get the cat's food and decide to make another run around the community shaking it (I always thought Athens could hear his bag of cat food from a kilometer away.) I look in every dumpster, every water puddle, every huge bush for Athens, expecting him to claw my face as I peer in. NOPE, no sign. I am thinking of what will happen now. We can't sleep when we have a family member missing. Can't go to work ... I'm sure they'd understand, right? But I shake the bag in defeat as I near our doorway only to see the cat leisurely stretch at my feet. There he is, just casually waking up, looking up at me and ready to eat.
I bring him in, Alis has been making a MISSING poster for the cat, putting pictures of him on it and crying. She smiles and hugs the cat. All is good again.

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from the pit toilet [25 Oct 2005|08:42pm]
[ mood | amused ]

NORTH CONWAY, N.H. (AP) -- A Maine man arrested after he was found peering at a teenage girl at a rest-stop outhouse pleaded no contest to criminal trespass, and a judge urged him to seek help for whatever drove him to climb into the waste-filled toilet.

Gary J. Moody was given a 30-day sentence that will be suspended if he maintains good behavior for two years. In exchange for his plea, disorderly conduct charges against Moody will be dropped, as well, if he stays out of trouble.

Moody, 45, of Pittston, Maine, was arrested on June 26 after a 14-year-old girl reported hearing a noise and then seeing a face looking up at her from the pit toilet on U.S. Forest Service property in Albany.

District Court Judge Pamela Albee cited Moody's public humiliation from the ensuing publicity in choosing not to send him to jail.

"This gentleman has been subject to a great deal of media scrutiny and drawn to himself, should I say, notoriety. And a healthy share of bathroom humor, if you will. This is a person who deserves some compassion," she said.

She also fined Moody $1,000 and ordered him to pay $700 restitution. The Forest Service spent $700 pumping out the toilet tank because Moody claimed he was trying to retrieve a wedding ring that had dropped into the toilet.

The waste from the tank was pumped through a screen but no ring was found.

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[24 Oct 2005|07:45pm]
[ mood | Angered ]

Things that anger me lately:

1. Chicken Little
2. That song on the Six Flags commercial.

That is all.

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You down with OPP? [24 Oct 2005|07:24pm]
[ mood | Yeah, you know me ]

So, on Thursday night, we go see Rocky Horror at the Alamo Draft House. It was cool, they perform the entire movie in from of the screen, showing the movie and people scream out one-liners and squirt water guns all during the movie ... We drank, some of us more than others (ALISSA). We had reason to drink as we had planned for some time to see Blue October on this night, but it turns out that brother Blue was sold out and we had to make other plans. All turned out good though and Rocky Horror was awesome.
They made those that hadn't seen the movie at the Draft House before go on stage and say who their favorite actor/actress was ... seems innocent enough ... . well, then they made these poor people fake an orgasm, as if it was from their favorite actor/actress .... You don't know how many guys regretted choosing Johnny Depp.
So, we just pretended like we had seen Rocky Horror there before ... because it's much more fun to laugh AT people that get laughed at ... unless you're dunk -- in which case it does not matter.

So, it's been blast from the past week as Italked to MIA this weekend, she told me about her life, gave me her MYSpace address, but I can't figure out My Space. Naomi called and left a message saying she wanted to come visit in San Antonio, and my dad says he heard that Charlie Hammer is moving back to Odessa from Arizona. So, people come and go in life and you just gotta be ready for it. It was really nice talking to Mia and I hope I can keep in touch with her. I would totally like to hang out with Charlie Hammer again, even if most people that I know don't like him and Naomi is like a fun car accident .... most of the time.

Also, when I die, don't say in my obit 'He expired on ...'
I am not milk and therefore I do not expire.
Put that in your quote book.

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Fun with commercials, Pavt VI ... [11 Oct 2005|09:55pm]
[ mood | Blood thirsty ]

Idea for a gay porno:
Scene intro: Dan Marino jumps into a huddle of grown men

Marino: OK, who wants to go deep?

pan shot of man holding his arm to the left

Owner of Papa John's Pizza: 'Ohh, I do'

Wait. That's not gay porn, that's a pizza commercial. But, it's what I would think gay porn would be like.

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Bob Bark Arrrrrr.... [11 Oct 2005|07:35pm]
[ mood | Piratey ]

People put the strangest things in their obits, you have no idea how many old ladies have 'Go Spurs!!' in their obituaries ...

Today has been a good day, almost time to go home, where I eagerly await a late night with Alis and the ferocious, blood thirsty beast that we call 'Athens Cat'.
One of the great things since we've made the move is that (don't laugh) Alis and I have learned to cook. That's right, believe it or not, we cook nightly, and we raise the culinary roof, as Slick Rick would say, (No he wouldn't dude, Slick Rick doesn't know what 'culinary' means) ... (Oh yeah, thanks.)
Now, I was cooking some, but since work is so draining, Alis (being the awesome chick that she is) is making delicious meals nightly, she made homemade pizza last night (no, not even frozen pizza!! She makes the crust from scratch) and also made me a funnel cake because she knows that's the only sweet thing I like. Yes Jada, I can hear you vomiting in your mouth as I write this ... sorry if this is mushy.

So things could not be better here in San Antonio. Hopefully Jada and Adam can come to the Iron and Wine concert on October 30. Jennifer, you need to come, you still need to see our casa as well. And Amanda is coming over for Blue October next week.

Work is good, someone here calls me 'Mojo' as we all know that there is only one thing in Odessa, Texas. I am not fond of the nickname, but I smile usually and wait for my day to come. Most people here don't know where Odessa is or have ever heard of it ... The lady at the front office told me 'well, you're use to seeing snow, being so close to Amarillo.'
However, Odessa is not close to Amarillo. Not close at all. It's just a spec on the map, but it's a huge part of who I am.

ROOTS baby.

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Inquiring minds want to know [11 Oct 2005|11:56am]
[ mood | wet ]

Just a little San Antonio etiquette

Taco means burrito.

Burrito means a fried burrito.

Back to the dead people.

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A Tale (of the tape) Of Two Cities [09 Oct 2005|11:29am]
[ mood | amused ]

Homeless people
In Odessa: I was walking to work downtown and a homeless man (being all scruffy and such) asked me for a sleeping bag, I said 'sorry, I don't one.' He screams at me 'What? YOUR FATHER NEVER TOOK YOU CAMPING?'

In San Antonio: I am walking to work downtown and I see some guy drinking a 40 on the steps of the Church of Scientology (keep in mind, it's 7:40 in the a.m. and he has a 40) and he asks me to come here, I didn't know what to say, so I say 'no thanks.' then he motions with his finger for me to come over. I say, 'I gotta go to work' and walk off. I can hear him get up and follow me as I speed walk to the Express News.

Odessa: You park anywhere, if you get a ticket for illegally parking, you throw it away, seriously. I have probably 75-100 parking tickets from when I worked at the Odessa American, I would just put them on other peoples cars, or tear them up and litter the street with their remains.

San Antonio: They tow you.

Odessa: you can rummage for a cd as you coast down the streets that are empty and wide as hell.

San Antonio: Find your music BEFORE you leave the parking lot. There are cars to each side of you and the lanes are too skinny, even for my Echo.

Things to do:
Odessa: You so crazy.

San Antonio: There's so many things that we haven't gone to see yet. We will see Blue October at the SBC Center (where the Spurs play. Haven't been to any clubs, but I have seen a thousand of them, would really like to go Sea World and ride the rides, haven't been since I was a kid. For Halloween, we want to go to Ripley's Haunted House ... Jada?? Adam?? Interested?

Odessa: Let's see, you got Dillards, Wal Mart, ummm ... Target ...

San Antonio: Every store imaginable, Alis and I went to a swank mall near our home last week and shopped at stores where you seriously can't buy anything for under $200.00. When we were hanging out with Adam, we found this one mall that might as well have been called 'Music City Mall' as it was just like the Odessa mall. Needless to say, we sped off.

Odessa: Taco Villa, Rosas, Twister Taco, Watts Burger ... need I say more?

San Antonio: Chipotles, Freebirds, California Pizza Kitchen, Opah's Greek.

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