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You down with OPP?

So, on Thursday night, we go see Rocky Horror at the Alamo Draft House. It was cool, they perform the entire movie in from of the screen, showing the movie and people scream out one-liners and squirt water guns all during the movie ... We drank, some of us more than others (ALISSA). We had reason to drink as we had planned for some time to see Blue October on this night, but it turns out that brother Blue was sold out and we had to make other plans. All turned out good though and Rocky Horror was awesome.
They made those that hadn't seen the movie at the Draft House before go on stage and say who their favorite actor/actress was ... seems innocent enough ... . well, then they made these poor people fake an orgasm, as if it was from their favorite actor/actress .... You don't know how many guys regretted choosing Johnny Depp.
So, we just pretended like we had seen Rocky Horror there before ... because it's much more fun to laugh AT people that get laughed at ... unless you're dunk -- in which case it does not matter.

So, it's been blast from the past week as Italked to MIA this weekend, she told me about her life, gave me her MYSpace address, but I can't figure out My Space. Naomi called and left a message saying she wanted to come visit in San Antonio, and my dad says he heard that Charlie Hammer is moving back to Odessa from Arizona. So, people come and go in life and you just gotta be ready for it. It was really nice talking to Mia and I hope I can keep in touch with her. I would totally like to hang out with Charlie Hammer again, even if most people that I know don't like him and Naomi is like a fun car accident .... most of the time.

Also, when I die, don't say in my obit 'He expired on ...'
I am not milk and therefore I do not expire.
Put that in your quote book.
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