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Custom Concerns

Alright, so I have given ample time to recover from Modest Mouse. If God rested on the seventh day, he most certainly rocked out to Modest Mouse on the fourth day, cus that concert was awesome. So, Alis and I get to the venue after some known trials and tribulations (driving in Austin). Now, we're going to see Modest Mouse and The Walkmen, but the tour is actually called the 'Sin City' tour. So, we go in and there's women dancing near polls (not completely naked) and an area called the 'Chapel of Lust' ... I really wasn't sure if we were in the right place. We immediately skip all of this and park at the front of the stage. This 'vegas-looking' dude comes out and queues this dancer to like go crazy dancing, treating the poll like it was a very close friend (the kind you have to contact if it turns out that you have an STD.) Then this band comes out that is dressed in really shiny clothes and sings Neil Diamond songs. It was right out of Saving Silverman. Not a big fan of Neil Diamond, but it was funny. Next a stand-up comedian comes out. .. .we expect him to be raunchy, but he was actually really good and funny, evidently he has a show coming out on Comedy Central. I don't know his name, but I do know he's Asian.
So then the rocking begins, The Walkmen come out and blister the audience with their set. They are really strong live, really a good band. Then after watching a woman strip while balancing 8 hula-hoops ... that's right ... this woman balanced 8 hula-hoops on her arms, waste and neck and stripped. Now THAT'S TALENT.
Then it was time.. ..
Yes people, Modest Mouse. We were at the very front of the stage and actually got to see the whole show. And they were good. They were late in arriving as they admitted to seeing Broken Social Scene before the concert (Props Jada). But they rocked out. The only bad part was this girl beside Alis and Myself that talked every second that there was not music playing. She would say stuff like 'He really looks like he's thinking about something.' and 'that drummer is skinny. Hey drummer, it's called Thanksgiving.' I wished pain upon this woman and those associated to her.
Modest Mouse rocked it out with a full set, then did an awesome encore. They left the stage and almost the entire audience left the building, then Modest Mouse came back, screaming 'I was only fucking around.' and they jammed until 2 ... going through 2 drummers, as their drummer tried to walk on his drums with awful results. Isaac from Modest Mouse checked it out, threw a water bottle at him and continued to jam and scream at the audience. Another person from the band came out, took over the drums and they kept rocking.
So sorry Jada, I'm sure you're concert was awesome, but we saw Modest Mouse, The Walkmen, stripping with hula-hoops and a funny (not resorting to dirty jokes) Asian comedian. So, our concert brought the thunder and destroyed yours.
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