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I miss Alissa

Last night, I dreamed that Justin from the band 'Blue October' got injured and I came from the audience and joined the band as a frizzy, energetic guitar player. Our first show was a bust though as the audience stormed us and broke my guitar, someone was also trampled and killed at the show. Spirits within the band were at an all-time low, just then the tour bus stopped, I leaped out with my NEW guitar and started playing, in no time a whole audience had formed just off the highway and we played for them.
The band decided they weren't going to play anymore, so Ali and myself went onto the stage to sing 'My Drug Buddy' (Originally by Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield, but covered here by Buddhist Boy and the Mice ... errr ... Alissa and Me). Just as we started to sing, I woke up.It's too bad really, my dream of being a rock-star was not completely fulfilled.
But, I gotta say, I was a pretty good rock star in this dream. Come on, stopping the tour bus and initiating an off-road concert. Stuff of legends.
In my dream, I knew I couldn't play guitar that well .. .so I was faking it ...In my dream, I was faking the ability to do something. It's my dream -- why can't I just be an awesome guitar player?
Anyway, 2 minutes later, Adam called with his ever-cheerful 'Good morning' ... If you guys didn't know that Adam found his stolen car a few blocks from his church, it's because he didn't post it on livejournal and that he sucks.
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