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Left of the Center

Time goes by so slowly,
Time goes by so slowly. ...

Christmas was awesome. Got to drive down to Odessa for a couple days and frantically visit family and drive back on Christmas eve. Got to go to the emergency room in the early hours of Christmas eve ... that has a sobering effect as everyone else is all happy on the holidays, go in there next Christmas eve and see the other side. Got to go to the Riverwalk on Christmas night and look at the lights -- take pictures of people and have them take pictures of us. I got Sirius satellite radio and got Alis an Ipod nano. and we each got to wake up early on Christmas day to open our gifts.
There was no snow, it was over 70 degrees here.
But it was an awesome holiday, San Antonio feels completely like home now, being with Alis was the best part of Christmas.

Random thoughts:
Why do celebrities get married? Outside of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, has it ever really worked?
If I could go back and relive times in my life, I would go back to relive halloween carnivals in Elementary school ... I remember those being so much fun.
Should we celebrate the demise of Live Journal? Which has obviously fallen to the mighty fad of MySpace.
I hate when movies get Oscar buzz because there's a 'retard' or 'cripple' in it, or because the movie is centered around homosexual characters. Doesn't anything really compelling ever happen to anyone else that can be captured in an award-winning movie? Because we already have plenty of the above.
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Hey! The reason no one posts in Live Journal is because no one gives a care in general, I think. I mean, who's really all that active on myspace besides me? It's just that I'm the one who posted LJ the most, so it seems like LJ is dead now. I just felt like everyone else was bored with it, so I got bored with it, too. There sucka, take that.
First, you kill puppies and now Live Journal is on the ropes ... resuscitate it ... do CPR err... something!