Loser (staticlie) wrote,

2005 (A Year in the Rear-View Mirror)

OK, so I have had 3 days to ponder the significance of the past year and develop a 'best of' list. 2005 was a year of transition for me, leaving family, friends and my job in Odessa and starting a new year in San Antonio. It's been an amazing year.

Best new artist: Wolf Parade

Best Song: Coin-Operated Boy- Dresden Dolls
Last year: Apple Bed/Sparklehorse

Best Concert: Modest Mouse in Odessa
Last Year: Austin City Limits Concert -- I was miserable the whole festival due to the heat, but it was worth it. Amanda and I got to hear some of the bands I have been listening to in my car for years.

Best time: Leaving work at Cingular, watching Monk and Pablo Francisco with Blaise, Charles and Ali; going to Ihop with Ali and talking for 5 hours; then going to Monahans to see the sunrise. Not knowing what would come next has never been so good.
Last Year: ACL

Best Movie rented: Closer
Last Year: The Libertine

Best show: My Name is Earl
Last Year: Six Feet Under

Best movie at the theatres:Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I only say this because I can't remember going to see any spectacular movies at the theater ... and I didn't even really like this movie, but it was the most fun. I went to see it with Alis, Adam and Jada, and I got drunk and loud. Can't beat that!
Last Year: Sean of the Dead

Comeback person of the year: Madonna -- I would rather cut myself than listen to her last album, but I like her new stuff.

Saddest moment: Stopping on the side of the highway as Alis and I moved from Odessa and crying. It was hard to leave Odessa, so many memories.
Last year: ODB died

And Now the moment we've all been waiting for ... well just me:
Person of the year: Alissa- I know, I know ... Some people thought master Shake would win 2 years in a row, but no doubt nothing has been more significant than Alissa in 2005 or any other year.
LAST YEAR: Master Shake
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I have to say I am quite disgusted with this list. Let me list the reasons:
(1) MADONNA! No, no, no. Old Madonna yes, Madonna after the 90s, NO! (2) I am amazed that last year your saddest moment was ODB dying, you really needed a life
(3)What a cop out to list Ali as the person of the year! That is like Time magazine wanting to list Mother Nature as their person of the year! Yea, yea, we all know you like her and stuff but how are you going to compare Ali this year with freaking Master Shake (the mic rula, the old schoola) last year? Ugh, I like Ali and all but we are talking about a crime-solving milkshake here....

Oh yeah, and you need to get your ass over to MySpace ASAP buddy. You are lucky I check BOTH MySpace AND Livejournal.....
Points well taken, and you might have set yourself up as a leader in the 'Reply of the Year' department in Dec. 2006.
The Mic Rula and old Schoola was undobtedly a strong pick for person of the year in 2004. Now, 2005 didn't see too many new Aqua-Teen episodes and I have'nt seen the new ones ... but come on ... Ali use to hide in my trunk while I picked up alcohol at the beer barn in Odessa, we made ninja-esque movements on Valentines Day right in front of your house ... These are some of the things that led her to being Person on 2005. But certainly, a crime-solving milkshake should be near the top of the list every year.
Also, have you heard the new Madonna song? Have you seen the video? She looks awesome for having had 2 kids and being 40+ ,,, Plus, I would put her new single as the best music she's done since "Music."
I will check out My Space from time to time, but I gotta say, I still prefer LiveJournal ... It's become a part of me ... like a tumor.
Also, listen to Coin-Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls, I think you'd totally dig that song.
Rock on Blaisey-poo!